General Terms and Conditions

We are delighted that you have chosen our company. Our utmost priority is to ensure that you fully enjoy your stay and create wonderful memories with us. Below are the terms and conditions that demonstrate our commitment to our valued guests and serve as the contract between both parties when choosing to rent a vacation property through Aloha Houses S.L. We kindly invite you to carefully read each point of this contract.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the terms and conditions stated on this page. By using the services provided on our website, you will be indicating your agreement and acceptance of these terms and conditions, including any modifications made prior to your arrival at the apartment. We strongly suggest that you carefully review the conditions that govern your reservation. Acceptance of these terms is an essential requirement to finalize your reservation and access the apartment facilities.

The TENANT acknowledges having carefully read the apartment descriptions and fully accepts the condition and services provided in the vacation rental they have booked.

The TENANT agrees that they are only entitled to request the services detailed in the advertisement corresponding to their reservation, and that any other services not mentioned will not be available for their use.


Only persons registered through the Guest Portal will be allowed in the property during the rental period. The maximum number of occupants will be as indicated in the advertisement through which the tenant has booked the accommodation.

Exceeding the specified number of individuals allowed to reside or sleep in the premises is strictly prohibited.


The lease agreement will commence at 4:00 PM on the specified check-in date and conclude at 11:00 AM on the designated check-out date.

The regular check-in time for the accommodation is from 4:00 PM onwards. However, flexibility in the check-in time can be considered and negotiated, subject to availability and no conflicting reservations on preceding or subsequent dates.

– The latest check-out time for the accommodation is at 11:00 AM. Each hour of delay not confirmed in writing by Aloha Houses will be charged from the deposit at 50€/hour.

The HIRER undertakes to communicate through the Guest Portal his approximate arrival time at least 24 hours in advance and his departure time.

Essential for the delivery of codes for our smart locks:

– Each individual must provide an official identification document through the Guest Portal provided. If the reservation has been paid with a credit card, it is essential that the person who made the payment is present during check-in and possesses the physical credit card, as well as their identification document.

– If the card cannot be verified, the RENTER must make full payment of the rent in cash or with another credit card. Aloha Houses will apply a €40 charge for credit card processing fees, and the TENANT will not be entitled to compensation or discounts for additional expenses from their bank due to the refund and new payment.


The minimum stay may vary depending on the accommodation and/or season (please refer to the detailed description of each accommodation for more information).


The prices are always displayed in Euros (€) and may vary depending on the time of year or special events, depending on each individual apartment. Therefore, Aloha Houses reserves the right to change them, updating them automatically on the website.


Our automated availability and pricing calculation system will allow you to choose the apartment you are interested in and make an immediate online reservation.

The total amount agreed upon for the lease contract is the sum specified in the reservation and must be paid in advance.

Down payment: Upon reservation of the selected apartment, the HIRER at the time of booking will pay 50% for the blocking of the property (including cleaning) and the outstanding amount (the other 50%) will be paid 30 days prior to arrival.

If the provided credit card is not valid and the payment cannot be processed by Aloha Houses, a member of our team will contact you using the provided phone number or email address. If the change of credit card number is not carried out or if it is not possible to contact you through the provided contact information, the reservation runs the risk of being canceled. In that case, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

ALOHA HOUSES will contact the TENANT to notify them of the payment default for their reservation. If the tenant fails to make the payment within a maximum period of 48 hours from the first notification, the reservation will be automatically canceled and no refund of the initial payment will be made.

Booking confirmation: Once the initial payment has been made, the reservation will be instantly confirmed, and you will receive a welcome email with all the details of your booking.

Final payment: The remaining 50% of the total amount will be charged 30 days prior to your arrival at the selected apartment.

In case of making a reservation less than 30 days in advance, the full amount will be charged upon booking, and you will also receive an email notification with all the details of your reservation once the payment has been processed.


Aloha Houses is committed to protecting customer data.


ALOHA HOUSES reserves the right to require a security deposit, which will be held as a guarantee for any potential damages caused to the property, its furniture, and existing accessories, as well as to cover any outstanding bills incurred by the TENANTS.

The security deposit must be paid at least 15 days prior to the check-in date, and will be held against any damage caused to the property, the furnishings and fixtures therein, as well as for any unpaid bills that fall on the RENTERS.

After your departure from the apartment, a thorough inspection will be conducted to ensure that the property is tidy and free from significant damages or loss of items. If everything is in order, and if the security deposit was required, the refund will be processed within a maximum period of 7 days after check-out. ( Aloha Houses is not responsible for the time it takes for the bank to process the refund.)

Aloha Houses will have a period of 10 working days after the stay to inspect any damage caused in the apartment and notify the LESSEE of the corresponding expenses for repair or replacement that will be charged to the LESSEE.

Method of refunding the security deposit:

– If the tenant made the security deposit payment using a credit card, it will be refunded within 7 working days to the same credit card.

– If the tenant made the security deposit payment through a bank transfer, it is their responsibility to provide their banking details to enable Aloha Houses to process the refund accordingly.

The security deposit will be refunded within a period of 7 workings days after the receipt of the necessary information.

The tenant will be responsible for any damage caused to the building due to their negligence or omission, and will be required to cover the expenses of repair incurred by the landlord as a result of such damages.

On very rare occasions, we have had to make use of the security deposit. However, we hope that they will understand that we must protect the interests of our owners if the properties are misused. However, we kindly request our guests to leave the apartment in an orderly manner, dispose of the garbage, and return the key sets to the designated location as informed during the check-in process.


The TENANT is strictly prohibited from carrying out any kind of construction or works in the property without obtaining prior written permission from the owner or agent. Any authorized work carried out by the TENANT during their stay shall be considered the property of the dwelling at the end of this agreement, without the TENANT having any rights to claims or compensation.. In the event of unauthorized works, the TENANT shall be responsible for restoring the property to its original condition and shall be liable for all costs incurred in the process.


The TENANT agrees not to use the accommodation for auctions or other immoral purposes and will refrain from any act or behavior that may cause harm or discomfort to the owner or occupants of adjacent properties. It is strictly prohibited to install commercial facilities, engage in commercial or professional activities, as well as organize parties or smoke inside the accommodation. Non-compliance with this clause will result in the immediate termination of the contract, with no right to claims or compensation by the TENANT, and the total loss of the deposited security deposit.

The customer agrees to respect the house rules and, above all, the quiet hours. It is not allowed to use the apartments for party celebrations (whether spontaneous parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc.). Under no circumstances is it allowed to occupy the apartment with more people than the maximum capacity stated. The customer also undertakes to follow the instructions of use and maintenance indicated by the company and to respect the regulations regarding noise, garbage collection, normal consumption of electricity, water, etc…

In case of any violation of the above mentioned obligations, Aloha Houses by its own criteria has the right to ask the client to vacate the apartment and the client will not be entitled to any kind of financial compensation.

Neither Aloha Houses nor the owner shall be liable for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused as a result of the use of the apartment, including but not limited to: damage, loss after fire, theft or crime.

By booking with Aloha Houses you agree not to engage in dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities on the property, as well as any act that could create discomfort among neighbors. You will be responsible for the cost of any damage caused by you or a member of your group.

Safety and Personal Responsibility

Lost and found items will be kept for a period of 6 months.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the necessary precautions are taken against theft: lock the door and close all windows when you are not at home etc.

Please make sure that your personal insurance coverage or your travel insurance (and that of your group) protects you in the event of an unfortunate accident or illness during your stay. In the unlikely event of theft or damage to persons or personal property, fire, terrorist attack, civil disturbance or other force majeure circumstance neither the rental agency nor the apartment owner are liable for direct or indirect damages suffered.


The TENANT acknowledges and agrees that the accommodation is rented without additional charges and without additional occupants. Likewise, the TENANT is fully informed and accepts the dimensions, conditions, use, features, and both common and private services of the tourist accommodation. Furthermore, the TENANT declares to receive the goods mentioned in this contract in optimal conditions for their use as specified above.

The TENANT agrees to return the accommodation in the same conditions as it was at the end of the contract. Any visible damage or defect must be reported to Aloha Houses at the beginning of the rental period through the customer area, attaching photographs that demonstrate the condition.


Under no circumstances is the TENANT authorized to sublet, transfer, or assign the mentioned property in whole or in part, nor will the entry of additional persons be allowed without the prior, express, and written consent of Aloha Houses.


The normal costs of electricity, gas, internet and water produced during the stay, will be included in the vacation rental price, but excluded in the monthly rent since electricity, gas and in some properties the internet will have to be paid separately. . The accommodations are cleaned before each guest arrives, and will be provided with a set of sheets and towels per person. If during your stay you need an additional cleaning service and a change of towels and sheets, you can request it by mailing or by phone (+34) 601 516 449.


The RENTER agrees to provide access to the property to Aloha Houses or third parties in cases of necessary repairs or force majeure situations. Aloha Houses agrees to notify the TENANT in advance through the customer area, WhatsApp, or phone call.


The TENANT agrees not to bring pets into the property without obtaining specific written authorization in advance. If you wish to bring pets, it is mandatory to communicate the number of pets, the breed and weight of the animals.

It is strictly forbidden for authorized pets to climb on furniture and/or use the swimming pool. The TENANT is responsible for daily cleaning up pet waste in the garden (if the property has one) and leaving it clean before departure. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, additional cleaning expenses will be deducted from the security deposit, which may result in the total loss of the deposit.

The Lessor reserves the right to request an additional deposit depending on the number, breed or type of pets brought into the rented property.


The TENANT agrees to ensure that the property is not left unoccupied at any time without all doors, windows, or other access points being properly closed and secured. Furthermore, in the event that an alarm system is available, it must be activated when leaving the property. It should be noted that neither Aloha Houses nor the Owner assume any responsibility for the loss of the Tenant’s personal belongings. It is important to note that none of our properties include any type of insurance against loss or theft of items belonging to the LESSEE.

In case of theft:

In the event that the property has not been properly locked and secured and the alarm (if available) has not been activated, the LESSEE shall be liable for damages caused by theft and shall cover them.


At the end of the rental period, the TENANT must return the keys of the property to the designated location and ensure that all doors and windows are securely closed before leaving.

The accommodations will be provided with a set of keys, a garage key (if the property has parking included) and a card or magnetic key (if available).

Lost keys:

-Without garage door opener: Cost of 20€ per key on the key ring.

– Remote control, magnet, magnetic card or key or parking card: Cost of 60€.

Aloha Houses will notify the LESSEE within 72 hours after departure in case any key is missing, and the corresponding amount will be deducted from the deposit.

Forgotten keys inside the accommodation:

– In the event that the Tenant forgets the keys inside the property during business hours and cannot access it, Aloha Houses will provide the opening service with a service key, which incurs an additional charge of €35. In the case of forgetting the keys inside the property outside of business hours, Aloha Houses will provide the opening service with a service key for an additional charge of €60.

– In the event that the key is in the lock the Tenant will be responsible for covering the cost of the locksmith to retrieve the keys and, if necessary, replace the lock, plus the services described above depending on whether it is business or non-business hours.


Please note that the amounts paid for reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable. Aloha Houses will only accept cancellations in writing by email, failure to show up on the agreed date without written notice of cancellation, could result in the charge of the full stay. Cancellations of any kind, including force majeure, will be subject to these cancellation conditions. In any case, Aloha Houses recommends that you always take out travel cancellation insurance to avoid problems. If you cancel or modify your reservation after 14 days prior to arrival or no-show, Aloha Houses will charge the total amount of your reservation.

Travel Insurance

It’s hard to believe it will happen to you, but even the most perfect plan can sometimes go wrong. We recommend that you take out travel insurance when you travel. You have at your disposal a multitude of rigorous and quality companies in the sector. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive advice in this regard.


If an accommodation could not be occupied by a duplicity of reservations (overbooking) or for unforeseen reasons not attributable to Aloha Houses, Aloha Houses will contact the client as soon as possible and will try to find an alternative, making available another accommodation of equal or superior characteristics. If this option is not possible, or if you do not accept the change or modification, the reservation will be cancelled and you will be immediately reimbursed in full. No further claims or complaints on your part shall be admissible in such cases.

Cancellation by the LESSEE:

Rental payments made by the LESSEE are non-refundable:

If the TENANT cancels their reservation, in writing, at least thirty-one (31) days prior to their arrival, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the total rental reservation amount.

If the HIRER cancels his/her reservation less than thirty-one (31) days prior to arrival, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the total amount of the reservation as rent.

If the HIRER cancels the reservation prior to arrival at the accommodation, the payments made for cleaning and deposit will always be refunded.

If the HIRER cancels while in the property, the rental and cleaning fees will not be refunded and the deposit will be returned after the corresponding checks.


In the event that the TENANT decides to change or modify the dates of arrival/departure or the number of people accommodated in a confirmed reservation, Aloha Houses undertakes to find a satisfactory solution whenever possible. However, the total price will not be modified if you wish to reduce the number of days and/or number of persons of the previously booked stay. In the event that a change of ACCOMMODATION is requested, the HIRER must cancel the previously confirmed booking in accordance with the cancellation conditions, and subsequently make a new booking. For any subsequent changes or modifications to confirmed reservations, a handling fee of 25 euros will be charged.


All descriptions and information apply to the published apartments. While Aloha Houses makes every effort to maintain accuracy and to check details whenever possible, Aloha Houses is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may arise. Aloha Houses also has the right to change at any time information published on the website such as prices, descriptions and photos. Aloha Houses reserves the right to update any of its terms of use at any time if required, in accordance with the company’s business.


For all litigious matters or those related to our website or any of those that depend on it, the Spanish legislation will be applicable, being competent for the resolution of all conflicts derived or related to the use of this website, the Courts and Tribunals of Malaga, Spain and in its case, the Arbitration Courts of consumption or similar to which we are adhered, at the time of the controversy. To file complaints about the use of our services, you can send an e-mail to, and in any case you should resort to an amicable solution in the first instance.


In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, 2002, on information society services and electronic commerce (LSSI), we inform you that:

ALOHA HOUSES S.L. (hereinafter ALOHA HOUSES). Its VAT number is B10572071 and its address is Calle Helsinki 15, Oficinas 16 Cp: 29670 de Marbella (Málaga).

Contact information:
Telephone number: (+34) 601516449

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